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Best Way To Make Money From Social Media

Getting Lucrative Paid-To-Post Offers

Alright, so you’re probably wanting to know one thing right

What is the BEST way to make money with social media?

Actually, there’s no such thing. Honestly, the best way to make money depends on YOUR following and YOUR businessmmodel. But speaking GENERALLY, the best way to make money from social media is through sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are when a company pays an individual to share their content on their social media accounts.

For example, a clothing company might pay a celebrity several thousand dollars to wear their hottest new fashion
item in a picture on their social media accounts and mention the brand in the post.

Or a company that sells weight loss pills might ask a fitness blogger to share an image that promotes their
latest weight loss product.

People are making hundreds, even thousands of dollars to share content. Including the time it takes to close the
deal with the sponsoring company, it might take anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours to get paid this
much money. It’s absolutely incredible!

Of course, companies aren’t going to pay a fortune to advertise on just ANY social media account.

There are three main elements to having a social media account that will get you the big sponsorship dollars:

1. A big following
2. A targeted following
3. An engaged following

Numbers, of course, are important. The larger your following, the more likely it is you will be approached
by brands looking to sponsor you.

But beyond that, you need to have a targeted following. You need a following that a company can look at and
instantly know it would be a good fit for their brand.

For example, Kim Kardashian has built a huge following of people who admire her fashion and beauty styles.
Companies who sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics pay her big bucks to advertise their products
to her followers.

But even having a huge, targeted following, you need to have an engaged following. You need to have a following
that actually likes your content, shares your content, and comments on your content.

In fact, these days, companies are looking more at your engagement rate than they do your total follower numbers.

The main reason for that is because anyone can get a large following these days just by buying them. You can
either run ads, or you can buy followers from companies that specifically deal in that. But those accounts are
often used ONLY for following you when you buy a batch of followers, so they won’t EVER engage with any of your
content. It just artificially inflates your follower numbers.

A number of high profile bloggers have been busted for buying followers in recent years, and it really hurt
their reputation. They were selling sponsored posts based on their follower counts, which were highly
inflated with fake accounts. This is dishonest, unethical, and potentially grounds for legal action.
Don’t do it!

Just focus on increasing your follower account naturally by sharing the best possible content,
including other people’s content when you find something you believe your followers will enjoy, and
make sure you are active in the community. When you engage with other people’s content, they are much
more likely to engage with yours.

That’s it for our series on making money with social media. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope
you will start making use of it right away.

Much Success.


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