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Promote Your Website Or Blog

So far we’ve discussed a few ways you can make money with your social media following, such as selling affiliate
products, making your own products, and getting paid for views, but the most obvious way to get paid for sharing
content on social media is by promoting your own website or blog.

promoting your own website

This might be a membership website, your own online store,
your services, or your blog.

You can make money in nearly endless ways on your own website or blog. You can get people to opt-in to your email
list, place ads on your site, sell advertising, sell your own products, or just build up a lot of traffic and then
sell the site for big money.

This is a business model that a lot of people are using. You promote the heck out of your site for a few months to build up high, consistent traffic levels, and then sell the site
for several thousand dollars.

Once the site is sold, you can create another one and do the same thing, and just keep repeating this, making hundreds or even thousands of dollars each time, depending on how
much traffic you’ve built up.

You can even include additional social media postings with your auction when you sell the site, promising to
share any new content the buyer places on the site for a certain period of time. (Just be sure to limit the total
number of posts to maybe 1-2 per week so you don’t commit to spamming the heck out of your followers!)

The best place to sell a website is:


There are also a number of webmaster forums you can use
to try to sell it. Here are a few of the most popular.






Or you could just keep it and earn money with the site for a long time. Just keep sharing content and making
money from the ads you have on the site and the email list you build!

Next we’re going to talk about some ways you can grow your social media following.

All of these things we have been talking about are useless unless you have followers! Don’t miss the next lesson

==>>Grow Your Social Media Following- Part 6

email where you’ll learn some tactics for increasing your follower counts!

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