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Selling Your Own Products

You have probably already heard that having your own products is the best way to make big profits. After all,
when you promote someone else’s product, you only receive a small portion of the revenue as commission. When you
have your own product, you keep 100% of the profit.

selling your own products

Some people think it takes months or even years to develop a product, as well as a lot of money. But that isn’t
always true. There are several ways to make your own products without spending a small fortune and years of
your life doing so.

The easiest way, perhaps, is making your own information products. For example, you could create an ebook or
video series teaching an important skill. You can then sell this to your followers, and even allow affiliates
to sell it for you through sites like ClickBank and JVZoo.

If you can’t think of an information product that would be suitable for your followers, you might consider
making items such as t-shirts, phone cases, posters, mugs, and other similar items.

You don’t even need fancy design skills. You can sell items that have interesting sayings written in very
simple fonts that you make in Photoshop, GIMP, or pretty much any other image editor.

Here are a few places that will let you make items to
sell without any upfront cost:





Some of these sites are specifically for designing clothing like t-shirts and sweatshirts, while others
you to make items like mugs, mouse pads, phone cases, and a lot more.

So what if you don’t find any of the methods we have discussed so far appealing?

Well, you’re going to find out how to make money sharing images even if you aren’t interested
in selling anything or sending your followers off to a website that will be full of popups and ads. Don’t
miss it!

Much Success

The next lesson isn’t a major revelation, but if
you haven’t given this method a try you’re really missing

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