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Grow Your Social Media Following

So far we’ve been talking about ways to make money with your social media accounts, but what if you don’t have a big following? Without followers, it’s going to be very difficult to make money.

Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to increase your social media following. We’re going to take a look at a few of the
easiest ways you can get more followers, no matter which social networks you’re using.

Speaking of that, which are the best networks to use in 2016
and beyond?

Right now, the most important social networks for marketers






There are TONS of other social sites out there, but these are the ones you will probably want to focus most of your
efforts on, as they have the most traffic and the best engagement rates.

The most important thing you can do to increase your follower count is to fill out your profile completely. Too
many people take the lazy way out. They don’t bother adding any information to their profiles, and they either leave
their profile picture as the default image or upload a stock photo that has been seen by a million people.

If you want to be really successful with social media, you MUST appear to be a real user, and you must do exactly what the average user would do, including uploading a real photo of yourself, or logo of your business, and filling
out your profile completely.

The next thing you should do is participate! Another big, big mistake people make is doing nothing on social media but trying to gain followers and sharing content. You need to be participating in other people’s feeds. Like their content.
Comment on it. Share it. This will get you more followers than you realize, especially on sites like Pinterest and

Also, be sure to use hash tags and keywords! When you share content, you should include relevant hash tags and keywords so people can find your content! Remember to use hash tags only on sites that truly support them. For example, Pinterest doesn’t really use hash tags. There, you can just use keywords in your description.

Speaking of your description, when you pin an image on Pinterest, DO NOT leave the description field blank! No one
will find your content if you don’t add a keyword-rich description to your image!

Be sure you don’t share junk content. People WILL check the type of content you share before they follow you, and if
you share a lot of spam or boring content, they probably won’t follow you. Be sure you’re sharing only the best!

Tomorrow is our last lesson, and we’re going to talk about what is probably THE BEST way to make money from social media. Check it out tomorrow in your inbox!

This method is making people like Kim Kardashian and her sisters filthy rich, so don’t miss it!

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