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Headlines Online — 7 Ways To Use Powerful Headlines Profitably On The Web

Are you applying proven principles to ALL your headlines?

If not, you’re missing a golden opportunity to build your business. A strong headline can make a huge difference in the offline world of marketing. But it works just as well online.
In this article, I’ll reveal 7 ways to utilize the power of headlines online.

To achieve online marketing success, you need to promote your most appealing and unique competitive advantages. Take those advantages and turn them into a persuasive message and convey this message to the right prospects.
Marketing is all about communication… and the more effective your communication, the more success you’ll enjoy.
But your primary task is to first and foremost — attract an audience. That’s the job of all headlines online and off. Headlines serve to both draw attention and inspire interest. Following are 6 ways you can cash in on the powerful, magnetic-appeal of headlines in your online marketing activities.

Headlines Online #1: Web Sites.

Every web site can be made more effective by leading off with a benefit-packed headline. In fact, every page of a site can be improved this way. If you want visitors to spend some time exploring your page, tell them right up front the reasons they should stay. Do this in the form of a headline. Tell your site visitors what each page offers in an exciting way that appeals to their own self-interest.

Headlines Online #2: Signature Files.

In most exchanges with prospects via e-mail, you can benefit by adding a sig file to your outgoing messages. Signature files can also be used at the bottom of articles, reports and discussion group postings.
Compelling headlines have much more impact. They give the reader (your prospect) an opportunity to take additional action to further strengthen the relationship between the two of you (potential buyer & seller). The best signature files are difficult for prospects to resist and usually feature a strong offer.

Headlines Online #3: Banner Ads and Pop-Up Windows.

What good is a banner or pop-up if it doesn’t inspire visitors to point and click? Yet, most are woefully inadequate as compelling messages that trigger action.

Though many banners and windows provide a call to action, often they don’t give a strong enough reason for prospects to do so. Plant a seed of possibility. Deliver a huge promise. Tell your prospects what you can do for them. Tell them precisely what the get on the other side of the click.

Think of your banner or small pop-up window as a miniature billboard. It jumps out on the landscape as prospects travel the web. Now think about what it is that would make your ad, banner, or pop-up window more appealing. It’s not the artwork, but the words that motivate action. Create a headline that not only stops prospects in their tracks, but one that also moves them to follow through with action.

Headlines Online #4: Discussion Board Headings.

Visit any discussion forum and what’s the first thing you see? It’s the headings of course. A list of subject headings acts as an index where visitors can click and choose whatever messages they want to open and read.
Subject headings are colorful, active links that take visitors directly to the full post.

What headings enjoy the highest click-through rates? It’s those that appeal, intrigue, interest, or arouse a little curiosity in readers. In short, the best headlines attract more prospects.
Another key factor is the name of the person who authored the post. Well-known contributors who tend to post information of value naturally draw more attention. But without name recognition, your best bet is to write a headline that’s difficult for visitors to ignore.

Here’s an example from a post I wrote a few months ago: How To Defeat Procrastination Forever and Easily Finish Your Book In Less Than 2 Weeks – Guaranteed!

Headlines Online #5: Discussion Board Links.

Links that follow informative posts are another opportunity for you to deliver a power-packed headline. Most discussion boards allow you to post a link with each message. Those that don’t make this provision, usually allow a signature file as an alternate to a live link.

Links stand out visually, due to their contrasting color and underscored appearance. As a visual siren, they provide an ideal opportunity to deliver a message with punch — one that drives traffic to your chosen page. Again, the most effective links are interest-inspiring headlines.

Headlines Online #6: Email Subject Lines.

Here’s how to make sure your message gets noticed — turn your subject line into a mini-headline.
Subject lines are the first thing email recipients see, in addition to the return address. You don’t have a lot of room here, just enough for a small handful of words. So choose your words carefully. It’s your first and perhaps only chance to convince the recipient to open your message, instead of trashing it.

Avoid common advertising words used by mass mailers. Personalization can be very effective – but only when your reader recognizes you as a valuable source of wanted information.

Headlines Online #7: Titles Of Articles, Reports And Ezines.

Give provocative, attention-grabbing titles to all your writing. Add interest and intrigue to draw more readers.
Give your work headings that make readers want to know more and you’ll pull them into the body of your articles and reports. As a consequence, they’ll also learn more about you and your products and services.
Use your titles to hint at the secrets you have to reveal, or your new, evolutionary technique that will save money, time, or energy. Offer new information or a major benefit that would be of great interest to your prospects. The stronger your titles, the more powerful the pull.
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